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Journal CoverFirst published in 1995, The Journal of Distance Learning will appeal to readers with interests in:

  • on-line or distance education
  • e-learning
  • flexible delivery systems
  • application of technology in distance and open learning to education
  • innovative teaching methods
  • open learning
  • developments in the Pacific.

The readership of the journal comes from both the private and public educational and training sectors. Readers include academics engaged in the study of distance education; distance education practitioners (teachers, administrators and policy makers); and, those with an interest in the use of learning technologies in education.

Annual Publication
The Journal of Distance Learning
is a refereed journal published annually by DEANZ. It publishes both theoretical and empirically based research articles, research notes, reports and case studies of practice, and reviews by or of interest to those involved in distance education and open learning, which meet the journal's requirements and standards.

Abstracts from The Journal of Distance Learning can be found here.

Distinctive Pacific Developments
There are similarities in the nature of distance education worldwide. However, The Journal of Distance Learning demonstrates that distance learning in New Zealand, the Pacific and Australia is developing in distinctive and interesting ways. Approaches to distance learning are being shaped by cultural traditions, aspirations and geography as much as by international developments and trends.

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