Information on Kindergarten Schools in Brookvale, AU

Pre-School in Brookvale

A preschool is an early educational service offered to children between the ages of a couple of weeks old to six years old. In a typical Brookvale area, services are offered during the weekdays between 7:00 and 18:00. The environment is usually very spacious and colourful as well as well-guarded to prevent kids from wandering off. Most preschools provide baby wipes and nappies for the comfort of the child, and there is always a sleeping area for the children.

A preschool is integral to the development of a child’s cognitive and intellectual ability and social skills. It prepares them for both formal and informal learning by exciting and stimulating their consciousness to the awareness of their environment. A preschool creates a warm and safe environment for children to explore and find out new things through playing and creativity while simultaneously developing their skills. The interior of the rooms in a kindergarten is always colourful to stimulate the children sensory organ of sight. At this age, they respond primarily based on what they see.

Below are the things that you should know about Brookvale kindergarten and pre school.

Features of a good preschool

Several parents find the task of getting a good preschool for their ward burdensome, especially when it is their first kid. Highlighted below are some points to consider if a preschool is fit for your child:

  1. Children should spend most of their time playing with materials and other children. They should always be occupied and never sitting alone without doing anything.
  2. Children should be engaged in several mind-stimulating activities during the day. It is important that they have building blocks, toys, books, paintings, and board games.
  3. The classroom should be decorated with art, coloured with bright colours, and works of children.
  4. Children learn numbers and the alphabet during the day, every day and in different contexts.
  5. Children should have the opportunity to play outside every day if the weather permits.
  6. Teachers read in small groups or for individual children, not just the entire classroom.
  7. Teachers recognise that all children are not at the same level and that they require different methods to learn. The curriculum is adapted for children who are advanced and also for those who need more help.
  8. Children are happy at their school and want to go. And parents feel happy and confident that their children are attending a good preschool.

Tips when choosing the right preschool in Brookvale

The kindergarten plays a fundamental role in the integral education of your child. It will be the first place where a child would face a social world away from home while developing new cognitive skills. Aspects to take into account when choosing kindergarten include;

  1. Proximity to your residence: The ideal is to find a place relatively close to your home. This ensures that you arrived at school early and reduce excess commute time.
  2. Qualified personnel: You should make findings of the professional training of the personnel that will be in charge of the child.
  3. Teacher to children ratio: Caregivers of babies under 1-year-old will have at most 8 children per classroom. Teachers of children from 1 to 2 years old will take care of 13 children maximum. And in the classrooms of children from 2 to 3 years old, there cannot be more than 20 per caregiver.
  4. The price: It is important to note that your budget would determine the quality of school you can go for.