AS4801 certification: Standard For Occupational Health and Safety

Workplaces and institutions must ensure the safety of their workers by providing a safe environment. It is important to note that there will be likely occurrences of injuries at the workplace; it is inevitable. However, a properly regulated work environment goes a long way to reduce the chances of such injuries. Presently, workplace injuries often cause businesses to lose millions of dollars.

In a bid to forestall such occurrences, businesses ought to get the current AS4801 certification. This thereby goes to say that these businesses should apply safe practices to reduce the risk of a disaster at the workplace. AS4801 certification is issued to companies operating in New Zealand and Australia, although they can also get a certification, ISO 45001, which is accessible and generally accepted worldwide.


Is AS4801 certification really needed for your business?


Safety is a priority, and everyone wants to be safe while working. Safety in the workplace is nonnegotiable irrespective of the institution. All companies must be compliant with workplace safety laws and regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations can lead to the high cost of litigation, damage to the businesses reputation and loss of resources.

It is expected that AS 4801 is a management system for occupational health that ensures compliance of businesses with WHS laws, and as such, creates a conducive workplace for employees and other staff.

In order to attain this certification; businesses need to adhere to the stated rules. In essence, the AS4801 establishes the necessary prerequisite for certification. These requirements are simplified by positioning them in clauses. These provide a structure by which business management systems operate.

  • Clause 4 – explain the conditions for OHSMS
  • Clause 4.2 – This describes the OHS policy in details
  • Clause 4.3 – This addresses planning
  • Clause 4.4 – This handles the implementation of this policy
  • Clause 4.5 – Addresses Measurement and evaluation
  • Clause 4.6 – This handles management review

This management system states in detail the requirements for business and conditions to be met to develop an efficient safety structure. The benefits of this procedure include exposing stakeholders and other parties to your company and informing them of your commitment to providing a safe working environment for the workers and ensuring their safety.

Likewise, applying such a procedure is a pointer to your commitment to reducing incurred costs as a result of workplace injuries and illnesses, as well as the protection of workers. The AS 4801 certifications apply to organizations and industries of all sizes, with their services and products inclusive.


Creation of AS4801 system process

It is essential to meet specific requirements before obtaining the certification. However, this certification can be gotten through the following steps:

  • Intimate yourself with AS4801 procedures by going through the standard
  • Understand the set principles and requirements in AS4801 and develop your management system
  • Access your readiness for certification by conducting a gap analysis. This helps in the identification of areas in need of improvement
  • Last but not least, obtain the certification. This process involves the evaluation of your business to ensure compliance with best-practice assessment, as stated in AS4801.


Certification process

  • Assessing management system documentation. The process aids in evaluating the standard required, such as policies, the scope of management, etc.
  • Checking document requirements and ascertaining its implementation across the business. It entails site and company visits to discuss changes with employees
  • Certification – this is the last phase where certification is issued to confirm you are compliant with relevant standards. The certification usually lasts for 3 years, starting from registration.