Important Childcare Questions

Questions To Ask a Childcare Centre Before Sending Them Your Kids

Make your overwhelming childcare centre Coorparoo search more convenient by asking them questions. Parents should not think twice about asking questions necessary to give them ease as they leave their children to the centre.

Go to one childcare centre Coorparoo to another, prepare your questionnaires, compare their responses and choose which amongst them the best centre is for your kids. Below are good sets of questions best to start with.

Questions to ask before the final verdict

What is their teacher turnover rate?

When their turnover rate is high, watch out as this is a red flag. This question not only indicates that the childcare centre is a good place to work, but it also implies their teachers’ capability of providing great and satisfiable care. Long-term relationships between the teachers and centre signify a good working environment with best quality caregivers.

How intense they do background checks for teachers?

You do not want to leave your kids with just anyone. The centre standards and intense background check can give you an idea of the quality of teachers they have. If they seem not interested in their teacher’s background, you better run and never consider their centre.

What is their teacher to child ratio?

States, Coorparoo in this case, has its teacher to child ratio requirement to get licensed. As a parent, it is your responsibility to know whether you enrol your child in a licensed centre or you actually do not care. Yet a ratio that is far better than the requirement, like fewer numbers of children per teacher, is definitely a lot better. This means the teachers are not tired and overworked, their rooms are not overpopulated and not maximising their room capacity, thus your child could get enough attention they need while comfortably moving around.

What are their sanitising and cleaning practices? How frequent toys and carpets cleaned?

You would never want to leave your child to a place not well cleaned and sanitised. Putting your child’s health at risk is a definite no. You have to make sure that the centre you chooses prioritise cleaning and sanitising, as this is an indication of their concern for your children’s welfare and health.

What are the centre’s security measures and safety practices?

Check whether their doors are locked, safety measures they take when kids go outside the room during play time, and the identification they require when children are picked up by someone else other than the names registered. Best if you will be given the time to ocular inspect the rooms and check on emergency procedures for earthquakes, fires and any other emergency circumstances that may happen in your area, and ventilation.

Leaving your child in a safe area can give you maximum ease as you do your jobs at work.

What is their running rate?

Not a deciding factor when choosing a centre for your children, but information important for you to know. You would not want a centre that is too expensive or you cannot afford. Also, knowing this ensures that you give your child a safe place to stay during your busy schedule and your pocket and bank account time to save.

If you look, there are many childcare centres in Coorparoo you can consider and now that you have lists of questionnaires, the selection process can be a lot easier. Continue reading

Why you Should Utilise Childcare Services

Why You should Utilise Childcare Services

Does your family need childcare services? It’s an important question and you might be wondering why you should utilise childcare services. Here are some of the main reasons you should definitely consider it:


A key reason Why you should utilise childcare services is it provides a formal and structured environment for your child. You can also provide care at home or through informal services. However, the problem in such situations is they’re less structured and formal. This can have a negative effect on the quality of childcare that’s provided. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid, since you want the best for your kid. It’s why you should definitely consider formal childcare instead.

For example, such formal child care involves licenses and inspections to make sure the service is meeting governmental requirements. In the case that isn’t the case, the day case service will lose its license. When that happens it’s time to start thinking about finding a different service. You want the best for your child so if that isn’t happening you should consider other options.


A key benefit of child care services is they provide very clear rules that parents must follow. That includes issues like pickup/drop-off times. This is helpful because you’ll know exactly what you’re required to do.

The problem with options like a nanny is the entire process is less formal. As a result, it can be unclear what’s required of you as the parent. In some ways, it can be better since there will be more flexibility about schedules. However, the potential drawback is it can make the situation too informal. It can actually cause a lot of problems because it might be unclear about the schedule you or the nanny are required to keep.


Another benefit of day care services is it gives you the ability to meet other parents. They can help to provide support, which can make your life easier. You can also provide support for the other parents so it’s definitely a win-win situation for both parties. It can be tougher to get the same level of support from one nanny.


Many parents are worried about how informal childcare like nannies will perform in certain situations. This isn’t to say they can’t be effective. However, you’ll certainly want the best for your child. In that case, it’s a better idea to consider a licensed childcare service. They’re already meeting industry standards so you won’t have to worry about various issues that you might have to deal with in the case of a nanny. That’s why you should definitely consider a formal healthcare service instead.


In many cases, day care services are actually cheaper than a nanny. This can be a major issue if you’re looking for the most cost-effective option. There are many plusses offered by a daycare center. So, you should always consider the pros and cons before making your decision. That said, if money is an issue then you should certainly consider a daycare center over a nanny. Continue reading